The Father’s heart

The Father's heart 1

One morning, recently, in a time of worship, tears came to my eyes.  I watched as both my girls ran up to their dad while we sang “Good good Father”. It was so beautiful to see their love for their earthly father. And I was filled with thankfulness for the kind of man my husband is; how he is raising our children.

The picture of a perfect parent

It also reminded me of a few weeks ago when I had been on my knees asking God for wisdom in parenting. I wanted to know where we could find an example of how to bring up our children. Not wanting to just play back the image of parents my husband and I received in our own upbringings, but really seeking the Lord’s will in our individual circumstances. He immediately said to me “I am a Father”. Of course… God, as our father, is the perfect Father, and perfect example of how to be a parent.

Being imitators of God

Now as I read the scriptures I am always on the lookout for examples of how God the Father interacts with His children, with my heart open and ready to learn from Him. I read in Hebrews about how God disciplines us for our own good, and I was challenged: when I am disciplining my children, is it something I am doing for their own good, or am I doing it out of wrong motives?

I read in Psalm 89 and again in James that God judges, but he does so with mercy – imagine where we would be if our Heavenly Father was a parent who judged without mercy? Now I keep asking myself whether I am also showing mercy to my children, and setting that example.

Will you let me know about something you have learned from the Father’s heart towards His children? How do you apply it in your parenting?

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