Singing a new song

Singing a new song

For a while now I have been wanting to share songs that I have been writing. I haven’t done it because I can share the words but not really sure how to share the tunes, and lyrics without a tune can’t really be called songs – I guess they would just be poems!

But I feel I need to share them now anyway, so I won’t let the lack of tune stop me – feel free to make up your own if you like the words! Or better yet, write a whole new song!

I am always strongly convicted when I read through the Psalms (33, 40, 96, 98, 144, 149) and the psalmist says we should sing a new song! So often we are singing an old song, or someone else’s song, but it seems like even though there are so many songs out there, God still calls us to something new.

Don’t get me wrong – there are many powerful psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs out there, and those definitely have a place. But there is something about a new song that gets us out of our comfort zone; that communicates something of who God is. God is someone who does new things. He makes streams in the desert and springs in the wilderness. I think a new song can do something of that in our lives.

I was meditating on those words a while ago – when God said He was making streams in the desert, He called it a new thing, but it wasn’t as if He hadn’t done it before. When He lead the Israelites through the desert to the promised land, He made water gush forth from the rocks more than once. But I guess it was new for that generation. They hadn’t seen it before. Or maybe the analogy of streams in the wilderness speaks of new life coming in to a place that had only seen death before.

Solomon in his wisdom tells us that there is nothing new under the sun anyway. A ‘new’ song is not really something new – all chord sequences and riffs have been used somewhere before; lyrics are echoing things that have already been said – but there is still something fresh about singing in your own words, in a tune that comes to mind.

Making new songs is part of us being created in the image of a creator God. He rejoices over us with singing; in His throne room new songs are being sung. There is something still special and significant in a new song.

So without further ado, here are a few of my new songs. I hope you will be encouraged to sing and share yours!

Even so, come (Rev 22:20, 2 Cor 3:17, Rev 22:1)


Come, Spirit of God

Reign over us

Rule in our lives

Come, River of Life

Flow from the throne

Fill us anew, we pray


Where the Spirit of the Lord is

There is Freedom

Where the Spirit of the Lord is

There is joy

Where the Spirit of the Lord is

There is Your kingdom come


Even so come

Even so come

Lord Jesus



Come in our hearts and minds

Come over Africa



Let my life (Rom 12:1-2, Psalm 96, 98)


Let my life be an offering }

Let my life be an offering } x2

Let my life be an offering to You}


Let the seas resound as we bring You praise

Let the heavens roar as we bless Your name

(let my life) be an offering to You


Let my words reflect all You do and say

As Your Spirit changes me day by day

(let my life) be an offering to You


You are strong, You are good

You do all you say you would

Let my life be an offering to You


You are grace, You are truth

In Your mercies I am new

Let my life be an offering to You


Let my praise be an offering…


Let these words be an offering…


Your way (Rev 22:20, James 4:7, Rom 8:15, Isaiah 7:14)


Immanuel, God with us

King of kings and Lord of lords

The Holy One, You came to save

We cry, “Come and have your way”


Come, Lord Jesus, come (x4)

Abba, Father, come (x4)

Holy Spirit, come (x4)

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