Bringing my husband good and not harm

Bringing my husband good and not harm 1

God told you to do what?

A couple of  years ago, at a church leaders meeting, we were asked to share with our table what we felt the Lord had been saying to us recently, and I immediately knew what to share. When my turn came around, I said: “God told me to clean my kitchen”! I know that might sound like a bit of a strange thing to hear from God. But for me the message couldn’t have been clearer.

Inspiration and a look in the mirror

A week or so earlier, I had been chatting with a friend. She had told me she had recently joined a Bible study group and had been digging deeper into God’s Word. She had some questions about the wife’s role in a Christian household, as opposed to what the world tries to dictate to women, and the conversation got me thinking…

The obvious passage to look at for the role of a Christian woman is Proverbs 31. Ah, the Proverbs 31 woman – that amazing example of a godly wife. At least I knew that it wasn’t written for me. I don’t live in the Western Cape, so I won’t be able to plant a vineyard!! Jokes aside, that passage is where I went to look for answers.

A new answer from an old question

I thought I knew the scripture. It was a familiar section of text that I had read through many times in the past. But this time as I read it, something different stood out for me. In verse 12 it says:

“She brings him good and not harm, all the days of her life.”

Wow. That verse got me. It was as if I saw the whole passage in a new light; that everything else hinged on this one thing. Bringing my husband good and not harm, ALL the days of my life. All the days of my life means even the days when I have small children who are teething or who won’t sleep or won’t eat, or need my attention every 15 minutes. It means even the days when I am heavily pregnant or sick or exhausted. All the days of my life means even the days when the house work seems too much or I’ve had to spend the day in town running errands. All the days.

So I thought about what I could do in this season of my life that would bring my husband good and not harm. I immediately knew the answer – I needed to keep my kitchen clean. I knew that my husband didn’t enjoy it if the kitchen was a mess, so making sure it was tidy would be a blessing to him.

A revelation and obedience – how to bring my husband good and not harm

Viewing kitchen-cleaning as being a way to bring my husband good changed my perspective of those domestic chores. With my husband as my motivation, and the FLY lady for practical assistance, I started learning how to keep my kitchen clean. Now, more often than not, my sink is shining, my counters are clear and my stove-top is wiped down.

So yes, God told me to keep my kitchen clean, and I learned to obey. What can you do that would bring your husband good, whatever season of life you may be in?

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